The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift Who doesn’t like to be surprised when their partner books an exquisite candle dinner to celebrate their anniversary or for any special occasion for that matter? However, the eternal confusing of finding the ‘perfect gift’ to make the evening special is a big headache for many. There are lot of factors that goes into making your partner feel at the top of the world while holding what you have wrapped beautifully albeit with a heavy heart and a big hole in the pocket. Gone are those days when a love note or red blooming roses would be considered the signature gits shared among lovers. There are unlimited choices around that would leave you in utter confusion, so better you don’t forget buying the one for your partner.

Some Bunny Loves You Following the same lines, fresh reports from The Normal Bar had stressed that gifting nothing could actually be harming for your relationship over a period of time. The book based on an elaborative study on relationships has claimed a strong relation between surprising gifts and sexual contentment. To strengthen the aforementioned claim, respondents were asked about their sexual satisfaction with their partner and how frequently they receive gifts. Of all these, a staggering 84% men and 66% women never received any kind of gift from their partner, thereby feeling a sense of discontentment in their sexual comfort. Strange it may seem but materialistic things are likely to be driving sexual satisfaction among couples. They tend to feel more important if they are surprised, not necessarily to celebrate special occasions. Though there are not likely to be any strong reasons of not gifting anything, romantic gifts do help in refreshing the long lost feeling of sexual attraction, which is necessary for a healthy relationship. Given there is no replacement to a heart-warming embrace or a love note, your partner wouldn’t mind if you have an expensive gift wrapped to make the very moment even more special for a life time.

Fiesta Gift Baskets!However, have you ever thought why you didn’t think of gifting? Was it because you forget it this time, or you just never felt the need of any worldly pleasure to keep the sexual desire alive in your relationship? Maybe some of you never cared enough to be particular about gifting something special to your partner or your partner was equally disinterested in expensive gifts. But, sometimes, extending gifts to enliven the old romantic flame could actually steer your married life to a more healthy and relishing journey of a long time. Nevertheless, if you haven’t thought how gifts can be so vital for your happy married life, you can still certainly try making up for those lost special moments when your partner might have dashed hopes of receiving an expensive ring or an exotic trip. If not that, you could just surprise them by making a special dinner while he comes back with romantic candles around to spend some cosy moments alone.

Not everything we do in our lives is out of moral duty or obligations. At times, situations demand for it or maybe your relationship needs more than just an expression of love.

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13 Responses to “The Perfect Gift”

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  • Terrell:

    we believe that everything good in our relationship will get even better in time
    gifts add some romance into relationship
    never forget about it

  • rebter shelley:

    love is more than emotions
    it’s giving, rather than self-seeking

  • Joanne Padilla:

    Having a romantic dinner at home can be much more special than eating at the restaurant.Just plan the menu.

    • Gin:

      a romantic dinner depends not only on menu, but on your mood

      • Joanne Padilla:

        so…. :) need to prepare delicious and romantic meal which should quickly warm the mood for the evening!

        • Gin:

          sure ;-)

  • Elsie Page:

    last Christmas we were getting ready for the baby. we’ve decided this will be our gift.

    • Mindy:


  • Violet:

    Just received an amazing Organic Oatmeal gift basket. Very impressive… Keep up the good work and good luck. 

  • jack:

    as regard me, I love “experience” gifts, rather than material gifts.. tickets to a game, concert, skydiving – it’s great

  • Dieho:

    Depends on some conditions, should it be expensive? unique?

  • Fedy334:

    Ask yourself what that person needs and trust your intuition

  • Beth Mendoza:

    Look online. Many deals are online only, and some items are online only.

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