The Reason Behind Why We Give Gifts

The Reason Behind Why We Give GiftsPresenting gifts to your dear ones on a particular day is long back trend since centuries. It embraces that day with spirit, touch and heavenly made love. They are Christmas, Hanukkah, birthday, baby shower, wedding and anniversary, and New Year celebration.

The root of gift presentations lies from the Roman tradition like presenting good luck tokens. The tradition of presenting gifts are made to receive special favors or impressions form others. The trend entered in to a lifestyle since then and many ways of gift giving pattern arisen like; more precious gifts, clothing, gold or silver items. This phenomenon has been observed during Saturnalia. If we go back in the history, when incarnation of Nimrod occurred, the Semiramis organized the cutting down and decorating trees in his honor. Thereafter, on AD324 Christian Emperor, Constantine converted the tradition Saturnalia into Christmas.

In western world, the gift giving trend started after the birth of Jesus by three Wise Men. On the other hand, Druids used to make a gift of their holy plant mistletoe in every New Year.

Apart from those historical moments, the native people of their land used to give gift during the ceremonies like Native Americans used to give the potlatch during births, deaths, adoptions, weddings and inter-tribal events.

For Any Occasion Gift BasketAt the national or state level, governments were also involved in exchanging gifts as signs of peace and goodwill since ancient times. For example, Egypt presented stone vessels with a cartouche, a type of royal monogram, to their neighbors, the Hittites. Often diplomatic gifts were live animals, such as a flock of birds. Richard the Lionhearted gave to a representative of Saladin in the middle Ages. Once “Jumbo the Elephant” from Cameroon was presented to Queen Elizabeth.

In history, the rich and famous people also shared gifts to express their love in a big way. The ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon got a gift from King Nebuchadnezzar II to his homesick wife, Amytis. In Russia, Count Gregory Orlov gave Catherine the Great a 198-carat diamond to win her back. The first Fabergé egg was commissioned as an Easter gift for Empress Marie Fedorovna by Tsar Alexander II. More recently, Richard Burton purchased a 69-carat, pear-shaped diamond for Elizabeth Taylor, which she wore to the 1970 Academy Awards in a necklace.

Godiva Chocolate Lover's Birthday SurpriseFor past two centuries, Americans and Europeans conduct the gift giving trend as one-sided, like parents’ gifts to their children. But Marcel Mauss, a great sociologist, in his famous 1925 essay, “The Gift,” wrote that the gift has threefold, which states gift is an obligation to give, to accept and to reciprocate.

Giving gifts to each other on a specific occasion has been involved right from the base of our existence. Thereby, one has to be intensely involved in this gifts giving activity to give values, quality time, sweet love, passion and care to stiffen the relation.

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8 Responses to “The Reason Behind Why We Give Gifts”

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  • Ruby:

    giving a gift it’s a chance to express someone your love and show how much you know about their personal tastes

  • Ricky Rogers:

    In Egypt gifts included precious jewellery or metal

  • Ricky Rogers:

    during the medieval times gifts were mainly made of gold or silver

  • Mindy Sanchez:

    Love Christmas, birthday, baby shower, wedding and anniversary, and New Year celebration… gifting makes the holiday and celebration more meaningful

    • Catherine:

      first of all for me it a pleasure
      gift giving is one of the easiest of ways to share happiness and delight

  • Viola Valdez:

    interesting article

  • Jordan:

    Interesting thoughts here! I do think it’s important to understand at some point why we give people gifts at times. Thanks for sharing this!

  • cookiesfromhome:

    Interesting article. We gift someone to make our loved ones happy. Surprise gifts are awesome.

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