The Trials and Tribulations of Regifting

The Trials and Tribulations of RegiftingRegifting can be a very difficult question – do you buy something new, or use something you already have? Refusing a gift, especially just because you dislike it, is seen as an insensitive, rude gesture by most people, so unwanted gifts tend to pile up.

First off, ensure that your act of regifting will not hurt the feelings of the person who originally gave you the gift. Even if you really hate that ugly old sweater stop and consider whether or not there was some thought behind it, and if there was, maybe keep it for sentiment’s sake. Do not ask for a gift receipt – that makes it obvious that you dislike the gift and intend to get rid of it, and that will hurt their feelings.

However, if something is not your size, and you still like it but there is no gift receipt, do not be afraid to tell them and say, “Can we pick up the next size together, and maybe we can go out to lunch together after?” They will surely not be mad with that offer and that is much better than regifting.

Yet sometimes you end up with an item that you just dislike, and then a sudden birthday crops up and catches you unawares. Sometimes regifting just fits the gift and the circumstance, or perhaps that gift truly suits them better than it does you!

Organic Honey TrioWhen you do regift a present make sure to do so tentatively. Never give something to your sister that your mother gave you, because they are likely to run across it. Instead, give the item to your friend because your mother will not end up at her house! In this way regift through different circles – friend gifts given to co-workers, relative gift’s given to friends, etc.

Be sure to think twice before regifting. Nobody wants to come across as ungrateful or cheap. Yet when the occasion comes you will save yourself money while passing on an unwanted gift to someone who may get some real use out of it!

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12 Responses to “The Trials and Tribulations of Regifting”

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  • Mary B:

    I think that regifting is not a bad thing. If I am not going to use something, it’s better to give it to someone who will!

  • Kate:

    I always try to give people things that they will use or like!

  • James:

    Maybe charity is the answer :) instead of giving it to the next person who may then actually throw it out?

    • Mary B:

      I agree with the suggestion dropping them at donation centers. In this case you will save on wrapping paper! lol

  • Brina:

    many individuals felt that re-gifting the gift would be more appropriate than having the gifts’ usefulness lost.

  • Cori:

    I would never be able to tell someone that I didn’t like their gift no matter how inappropriate it was

  • Gene:

    dont expect anything… if you get anything…. be grateful

  • Glory:

    Have you ever thought about regifting to ppl a gift they have regifted to you? :)

    • Genevieve:

      life is too damn short… for this drama

  • Candice:

    I absolutely think it’s okay to re-gift…Just make sure your not giving it back to the person whom gave it to you :)

    • Selena%:

      It will be fun!!! :D

  • Brett:

    I have regifted and will continue to do so.

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