Tips on Filling Easter Baskets!

Tips on Filling Easter BasketsEaster is a festive holiday that celebrates the end of Lent and the beginning of Spring. It combines many traditions – carrying baskets of Easter food to church, in pagan tradition bringing baskets of seedlings to be blessed for fertility, and so forth. The best known custom of present day Easter celebrations are Easter baskets.

The Easter basket comes from these traditions but the Easter Bunny who brings it is a German invention. The Easter Hare, as he was known, filled bonnets or caps with gifts for good children. When this custom passed into other cultures, the religiously used baskets replaced bonnets and caps. Today, children good or bad receive gift baskets filled with candy, chocolate, and small toys.

Creating a successful Easter basket does not have to be a nightmare, it can be quite simple! First create a game plan – does your little girl love Hello Kitty or are the Avengers your son’s favorite heroes? If so, you may want to create a themed basket with candies and toys that work with that theme. Mixing and matching multiple themes can be a hit, too. Of course, the classic Easter theme of bunnies, eggs and chicks is a tried and true favorite!

Easter gift basketThemes can be taken to a new level if you want to be really creative. Instead of opting for the traditional Easter gift basket, use a purse for your daughter to give two gifts in one! Or try a bucket and spade instead of a basket for a sandcastle building theme for your son. For an extravagant Easter you can even fill a small dollhouse with treats.

Of course, what is inside the basket is usually more important than the vessel. Easter treats are chocolate rabbits and eggs, marshmallow Peeps, jelly beans, and many more. Easter baskets are meant to soothe your sweet tooth!

Make sure while selecting your candy that you focus on what your children like – jelly beans and chocolate bunnies may be a classic easter treat but if your kids dislike them or barely nibble them, then choose something they do like. The most important thing is giving something they will get to enjoy so feel free to shy away from tradition – for example, does your child love root beer more than chocolate? Add a few cans of root beer, some root beer candies, waxed bottle candy, and other root beer flavored treats into their Easter basket, for an untraditional gift that is perfectly suited to their tastes.

Easter Basket SupremeCandy is not the only thing meant for Easter baskets. When selecting toys for an Easter basket, you do not need to go above and beyond because there are plenty of easy to please options like Easter coloring books, stuffed animals (rabbits are popular), and small games.

Do not leave older children out of Easter. They may not want a coloring book but candy is not something a person can outgrow. A gift like a new purse or a flower pot with a few candies inside can be the perfect Easter treat for a teenager.

Older children (and adults, too) can celebrate the Easter season with religious observance by giving gifts like leather bound bibles or cross necklaces. Religious themed decor, like photograph frames and crosses that can be placed on walls, make great gifts for adults around Easter. So no matter what age you are, you can celebrate the Easter season in style!

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16 Responses to “Tips on Filling Easter Baskets!”

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  • Bunny:

    I am so glad I found this article, it’s full of great alternatives, I am definately letting people I know about your ideas.

  • Kurty41:

    I was looking for the traditional easter basket for my daughter and found a few items on the internet. Has anyone ordered before and received right on time? Thakn you in advance.

  • Ellie:

    Sorry.. Easter is not xmas ppl.

  • Harrowy:

    Thank you, great ideas, gonna do something special.

  • Stella:

    This was very helpful

  • Xayland:

    my dauther love Hello Kitty and always wait a new toy, no matter christmas, easter, BD… ))

  • Jane Ryan:

    In the main the article is about gifts for children

  • Tamran:

    what the hell is wrong, this is so stupid!! you only supposed to get chocolate for easter what do you think easter is?

  • Londons:

    Im 17, I’ll be 18 the week after easter, my mom got me laundry detergent for easter, I was capped! :P Saying that I never got anything like that anyway..

    • Kurtiss:

      with a humorous undertone, awesome!

  • Bertie:

    TFS! I would be a lucky girl to get all these nice goodies!!!!!

  • Marty:

    Easter is CANDY!

  • Deaney:

    in case you would like save your money for Easter, buy candy after Valentine’s day, it’s on sale like crazy

    • Cyri lll:

      Or after Easter

      • Deaney:

        on easter i overeat and feel like a poke pudding after it

  • Clair:

    i’m going to make an easter basket for my dog :) sounds odd but my cats like it :)

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