Valentine Gift Ideas For Her!

Valentine Gift Ideas For Her!Every year Valentine’s Day brings lovers together in celebration. Flowers and chocolates are the standard way to impress a woman, but for women who deserve extraordinary gifts you need something more.

Surprises are one of the best ways to give a gift, and presentation is everything! Take her somewhere new that she has been dying to go, or to an old classic (like the place you two had your first kiss!). A surprise road trip or an overnight to a bed and breakfast is a romantic escape that you can share. You need not opt for a five star hotel, just a little alone time is usually more than enough!

Chocolate Indulgence Valentine's Tower Young couples find that dinner together is a treat when the man cooks. This is more difficult for older couples with children underfoot. So, if you can, get a relative or family friend to help out by babysitting the kids. Going out to eat and leaving a babysitter at home works, too.

For older women the best gift can be a little time away from work and the kids, so a trip to the spa may be exactly what she unconsciously wants. Give her some pampering by sending her to the spa, or set up your own private spa at home with a warm, scented bath and a massage with sensual massage oils. No matter what your budget you can create a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Lingerie is a popular Valentine’s gift, but most women prefer to buy their own due to tastes and sizes varying so get a gift certificate. Beware buying lingerie though, as some women dislike it due to the assumption that their boyfriends are only giving it to get to use it! Instead opt for a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store and add that you will go with her on a shopping trip. She will truly love that gesture!

Finding a gift that personifies a part of your relationship is hard, but those are often the most memorable. A couple that met at a park will enjoy returning there with a picnic (if you live in a warm enough area to do so in February). Met on the subway or bus? Take a ride together and people watch, getting off at a nice restaurant along the way. Whatever your story, figure out how to tell it to her in a new way.

Chocolate Madness Gift BasketWhen all else fails buy expensive jewelry. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they are a man’s lifesaver. Of course any gemstone, or even a simple locket and chain, will do. Jewelry is a gift that can never go wrong.

If you are low on cash this Valentine’s Day you need not despair! Buy one nice gift that you two can share at home – a nice massage or a new movie. Spending time with her is the best gift of all, but if you need to show you care you can add a small sentimental touch – like putting on your song on her iPod or writing her a love letter and leaving it in her workday lunch.

You know your sweetheart best! If she would like something creative and off the cuff then go with it. If she prefers romance then a fine restaurant might be the perfect choice. No matter what you select make sure it fits who she is as an individual, not some stereotypical flower and chocolates mold of what Valentine’s Day should be.

If you have not been dating long (or are looking to woo a woman this Valentine’s Day) then you need a smaller gift that still says a lot, like gourmet chocolates, chocolate dipped strawberries, wine, or a small piece of inexpensive jewelry. Something for her favorite hobby (new gloves if she gardens), or a present for her pet, is a nice gesture that shows you are aware of her pastimes. Such gifts also work for new couples who do not want to get too crazy on Valentine’s Day.

When you are not yet dating invite your intended over for dinner and make her favorite dish. Doing so on Valentine’s Day shows you are thinking of her. Not only is this a thoughtful gesture, but it is a great lead in to discuss a possible relationship.

Valentine's Day Spa CollectionFor new couples the perfect gift is a little time together. Buy her a DVD to a newly released romantic movie (comedy or tear jerker, depending on her preference) and some popcorn, then offer to watch it with her. Tickets to go out to a movie, play, or sporting event, are also great gifts that allow you to spend time together.

Even if your girlfriend or wife says she can go without a gift this year surprise her with one. No matter how big or small, any gift is better than none at all. Women who truly do not want gifts do exist, but even they love surprises! So this Valentine’s Day celebrate your relationship with true thoughtfulness.

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13 Responses to “Valentine Gift Ideas For Her!”

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  • Kay Shelton:

    This site has pretty cute couple gifts, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  • Randy Cox:

    I am thinking of an unique personalized gift that could make her surpriced and happy

  • kytt55c:

    what do men want for valentines?

    • Tyler:

      maybe a romantic dinner…
      he gets dinner and you get romance ;)

    • bond bong:

      as a guy i never wanted anything for valentines day

    • Tinavivo:

      I think it should be a dinner with his favorite food, serve it…. also, wear a sexy dress. for most men, good food and a sexy woman is a great gift

    • Gar Keqq:

      How about a short trip?

      • kytt55c:

        thank you, guys!!
        some sort of flying adventure would be nice
        gliders or skydiving

  • Adam Reed:

    Some chocolate, perhaps? or lingerie
    important what relationship stage you are in
    of course women love flowers

  • LeChapman:

    Some personalized gifts take extra time so start shopping now and be on time this year.

  • Jerome:

    I would like a girlfriend for Valentine’s day but the girls don’t like me

  • Matthew Rodriguez:

    my wife is impossible to shop for, she doesnt like jewelry or chocolate, she doesn’t mind roses.

    I’m guilty of the six foot bear

  • torans4er:

    my favorite were the chocolate and spa basket..i recently just bought some items. thanks for sharing some great gift ideas!!

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