Valentine Spa Gift Basket Ideas!

Valentine Spa Gift Basket Ideas!Valentine’s Day is the traditional day for chocolates, but sometimes chocolates just will not do. Maybe they are not enough on their own, or maybe the special lady is dieting and would not eat chocolates. When you need a smashing gift that goes beyond chocolate look to the relaxation brought from a spa.

Although a trip to the spa would be nice, not everyone can afford to give such a gift. Instead, a spa gift baskets can be made or bought already arranged. This will bring the spa to her for a fraction of the cost! Smaller spa gift baskets with a couple of items are a nice addition to multi-part Valentine’s Day gifts, especially ones that involve a trip.

Valentine's Day Spa CollectionIf you elect to create your own spa gift basket, then be sure to individualize it. Select a basket you know she will love, or if she is a more practical girl then maybe wicker baskets that can be reused for organization. Use a picnic basket and include a note that promises you will take her on a picnic after her spa trip!

Adding to the spa gift basket is easy when you take massage oils, lotions, and bubble bath. Yet, instead of getting a little of everything why not select exactly what she really needs and get her everything for one or two perfect experiences? Since everyone enjoys a nice soothing bath you cannot go wrong putting in bubble soap, bath salt, or body wash in alluring scents. Try to use the same scent throughout to create a theme.

Luxury Spa Treatment Gift SetHigh quality lotions are a perfect addition to any spa gift basket to keep skin looking and feeling good after the spa treatment. Small self manicure sets are great fillers for spa gift baskets. Include fun room sprays, incense, and scented candles to help set a relaxing mood. Add in a few necessary accessories, like a sponge or loofah, a towel, slippers, or a gel eye pack, and you are done!

Well, maybe you are done. Spa gift baskets do not have to only refer to spa-like items. Sometimes part of a spa gift basket is about the experience, not just the exfoliation and conditioning. For this reason add in a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates – popping bonbons in the tub is many women’s fantasy. Perhaps bringing her a cup of tea in a brand new tea set while she is in the tub is the best finish to a spa gift set.

Cherry Blossom Spa SurpriseWhen making your spa gift basket take note of the individual lady’s preference – does she love a certain scent? Make sure she knows that you know what her scent is by using it. Lavender and roses are lovely fallback scents if you are unsure of what to do. Never get more than two scents in a basket if you intend for the items to be used together as multiple strong scents at once can be disconcerting, not attractive.

Go beyond chocolates this Valentine’s Day – let your sweetie relax in style with a spa gift basket, and then bring her chocolates.

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14 Responses to “Valentine Spa Gift Basket Ideas!”

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  • Nettie:

    Valentine’s Day is coming!!!!!

  • MGarner:

    I have no idea what to do on valentine’s day

  • Ron J:

    I want to give my ex a gift to show her that I still care about her and maybe give us hope to be in a relationship again. how can I do that for a Valentine’s Day? any ideas?

    • Deanna:

      depends on the girl, maybe she has a boyfriend by now


      you can attract her back with a spa gift. why not?? send her a basket and apply a note. or send her flowers.

    • Agnes:

      I wish you luck :)

  • Ron J:

    thank you, I just want to surprise her with a well received gift

    • Helly4dun:

      Let her use your credit card for the whole day lol

    • pd55outfee:

      Maybe take the girl out for dinner and give her a gift. Anyway, no matter how you decide to give her back, I wish you good luck!

  • Shelley:

    i usually wrap myself up as a gift and ship myself anywhere in the world free of charge! (joke)

  • Domingo Gardner:

    I don’t like Valentine’s Day. I think celebrating this holiday is stupid. But have a nice day!

  • Winifred:

    Found many cool ideas for Valentine’s day gifts from here

    • Maryann Rodriguez:

      Good for all budgets, big and small and they gift wrap beautifully.

    • Shelly:

      I got a really nice chocolate basket with a plush bear. Not seen anything as good on the market.

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