Various Kinds of Corporate Gifts

Various Kinds of Corporate Gifts Numerous gifts can be provided at the corporate or professional level. Selection of the gift to be presented must be done with the view of mindset of the receiver. In this way, the receiver will enjoy your gift, either it is for his home life or work life. There is also a proper budget allocation for the gifts to be presented in the corporate sector. So be sure about the budget before selection of the gift. Below is a list of different kinds of corporate gifts that are available.

Personalized Corporate Gifts

This is a kind of small gifts presented by the company with their logo like pens or any other stationery item of professional use. However, be sure that the logo does not appear too large as it will then appear to be an illegal promotional measure than a gesture of presenting a gift. Providing your clients with your company’s personalized gifts, will be a cherishable moment as it will serve as a reminder to them about your services. Providing corporate gifts will also help in the increase of referrals for your company. Make double sure about the choice of your recipients because at times they may appear offensive to the other companies.

The Company Wish-list

Go Anywhere Leather Travel Case
This is a famous style of providing gifts to bigger companies. For this, an account is set up with the gift company and the list of gift receivers is sent to them. Then the recipients are able to choose the gift of their choice. This ensures that the receiver will receive only that gift which is appropriate for him. This process can be carried out online easily. It is one of the unique and perfect ways of gifting the employees gifts of their choice. It also boosts their morale.

Gift Certificates

This form of gift giving is needed when you have to provide a gift to a large number of people. The gift certificate is the most appropriate form of appreciating the employees of a company. The only thing to be kept in mind is that the value of the gift certificate must be different for different clients so that there is no confusion. For instance, a client purchasing a single gift worth hundred dollars must not be given the benefit but one who has purchased gifts worth thousands can be given a voucher as a gesture of thanksgiving.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a new arousing trend in the area of gift giving. Like gift vouchers, gift baskets consist of a variety of fillings. This will be an exciting gift for a company, as employees will love to share it with one another.


Salutations in Silver

Bottle of Wine

A bottle of wine will serve as a perfect gift for professional parties. However, what you need to be sure about is that the recipient likes the idea of wine and knows what taste the client loves.




Electronic Items

These are the types of gifts that are chosen only if a small number of people want to get gifts. Electronic items are the expensive items like the notebooks, laptops, blackberries and iPods that are given to a selected number of clients. These gifts are highly appreciated because they last for a longer period.

Official Gifts

The official gifts are the ones that are given to different clients from the company and not as an individual. These include stationary stands, pens, frames etc. These kinds of gifts will serve as a reminder to the client that he has worked with your company.

Homely Gifts

When you select a gift for your home, be sure that the recipient is able to make use of it in a particular situation. It is mandatory that you choose your gift in a way that it is appropriate for the user and for this; you need to know the recipient well, much more than just at the corporate level.


Services offered to the employees or clients are the best ways to cater them with the best. This will serve as a best gift rather than some physical products. You can provide wireless internet service, or any other internet package. It will help in motivating the employers and improve the effectiveness at your place of work.


This is another type of beneficial gift for the employers. These are the subscriptions that will help in the professional life. For an example, if you subscribe for efax, it will make the working process easier for the employees.

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9 Responses to “Various Kinds of Corporate Gifts”

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  • Hazel:

    Last year we received leather notebook and pens.

    • Ellen Parsons:

      IT’S BORING! :) the gift certificate is more pleasant

  • Mary Johnson:

    I got a Rubik’s Cube with the companies logo. I really liked it!

  • Viola Hodges:

    I know a person that gave away power adapters in their corporate colors with logo.

  • Browq11:

    every year we are left with the question, what do I give my boss or client as a Christmas vs New Year gift

  • Dana Richards:

    Gift baskets – are probably the easiest way to deliver an amazing gift to the co-workers or clients.

  • Delia Howell:

    sending a gift card can be a great and simple way to give a gift

  • Amelia:

    I looked for the book to give as a gift. That sounds like a great idea.

  • Hazel:

    Wonderful ideas!! I especially love the idea of laptops… and gift baskets, for for example spa gift

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