Wedding Gift – How Much To Spend?

Wedding Gift - How Much To Spend?

Weddings are a celebration of love, but they are also a costly affair for everyone involved. Once a wedding invitation finds its way to you, you are left to buy a dress or tux, get to the location of the wedding, find accommodation, and buy a wedding gift. Of all those choices the most uncertain one of all is buying a wedding gift.

It seems as if no general rule exists on just how much to spend on a wedding present and everyone has their own idea of what is necessary. It used to be that a person was expected to at least cover the cost of their attendance – but wedding prices are difficult to discern so how does one know what to spend?

A major factor involved is how close you are with the bride or groom – close relatives will spend a prettier penny than distant ones. For a rough figure $50-150 is a good guess for a single wedding attendant, depending on your closeness to the happy couple. Asking fellow wedding attendees can give you a ballpark figure of what to spend, too, but remember that everyone is in their own individual boat.

On that subject, if you are presently dealing with fiscal problems and cannot do an expensive gift then do a smaller gift. These are appropriate for acquaintances and some friends, and the ones closer ones will know you well will and will understand why your gift is not extravagant. Relatives and true friends understand times of hardship. What truly matters is your attendance on that special day.

Glittering RosesMany people have wedding registries, which let you see exactly what they want. This is great for some family members and friends, who can then pick and choose something while knowing it is exactly what the couple wants. Gifts for the home they intend to share are popular, as is cash.

Remember, deciding not to attend a wedding does not mean you are free from gift buying. Etiquette dictates that any invitee send a gift, whether they attend or not.

While they are customary and expected, you are still giving a gift – something to be appreciated regardless of the cost and effort put into it. Do your best to create a way to mark the happy couple’s special day with what you have available to you. Try and cover the cost of your attendance, but above all be there to support your loved one or friend on this momentous occasion.

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14 Responses to “Wedding Gift – How Much To Spend?”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Jane:

    How much do you spend on wedding presents?

    • Noul5:

      As others have said “depends on your budget”. We went to a wedding of my friends a few months ago and we gave them a gift at the amount of $50. I would have liked to have given them slightly more, but we’re in our overdraft with our own wedding coming up in August.

  • Chatty:

    as a guest, weddings can be a lot of fun, but they can also get a little pricey.

  • Darleen:

    what to give is a very personal choice

    • Steve:

      This all depends on how well you know the bride/groom. Are they friends or relatives?

      • Darleen:

        good friends.. I was thinking 200 ~ 250$

  • Eleonora:

    a co-worker or a distant friend spends about $75-$100 on the wedding present. a relative or a friend somewhere between $100 and $125…

  • Don:

    I’m a student and my rate is low. I’m sure the bride and groom, will be happy with anything.

  • Illy:

    Me and my partner usually spend 150$

  • Ash:

    Obviously depends on your budget so don’t worry too much :) I have been mega skint lately and so I handmade part of the gift for the last wedding I went to and they loved it!!!

  • Carol:

    I don’t think about the amount, more about getting the right gift. I’ve bought gifts that were originally 40 and got them in sale. Cheap but it was nice and the quality of the gift was good.

  • Poker:

    I agree with the article in every aspect. I think, a wedding party should not be a return on investment. When I go to a wedding, I give what my budget allows me to give.

  • Xenia:

    When I got married, some of my guests did not give anything (except flowers), but I was thrilled they came to celebrate our special day.

    • Henson:

      Im very sorry, but it’s rude to not give a gift. A gift to the happy couple is the way to show the appreciation for the hospitality.

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