What Constitutes a Successful gift?

What Constitutes a Successful gift? When purchased thoughtfully, a gift is able to make wonders. The following things need to be considered to make sure that your gift will be welcome.

IT HAS TO BE SUITABLE – Being a suitable gift means that the gift should be useful to the recipient. For instance, you could send an associate of yours a drink of a certain brand he normally drinks. Sending a gift the recipient will enjoy is the need and not something you fancy. Also, you must not send gifts that are too personal or too lavish which will bring embarrassment to the recipient.

THE GIFT SHOULD BE RESEARCHED CAREFULLY – When you visit the home or the office of a person, you get an opportunity to research on his tastes. When you want to give a gift, you could use your findings. You could even call the spouse of the recipient or his secretary if you are not sure. In case your office manager is a lover of flower arrangements, give her a pair of cachepots made out of porcelain. If your music loving printer does a good job, give him a gift certificate to the music store. For your new wine loving client, the best gift will be one obtained from a wine store. When you want to give a gift to your interior designer who has frequent home parties, choose dessert plates or a dozen of wine goblets. If one of your young associates has moved into a new home, a couple of framed pictures will be a suitable gift. (Remember to add a note saying that they could be exchanged if they are not the best.) When you notice an antique ornament in a client’s office or home, buy a similar one for him as a Christmas gift even if you find it in July. If the head waiter who finds you a table every time is a lover of opera, two seats in the next opera performance will be the ideal gift.

IT REVEALS SENTIMENT AND IMAGINATION – It is not possible for you to give the same gifts as those who are not worried about budgets (Italian government which gifted a box covered with charms describing the illustrious career of Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce to her is a good example.) Also, you may not have the know how or the time to do the same thing a man who has written a small book and offered it as a Christmas surprise has done. You also may not be resourceful enough to do the same thing that a secretary of a hard talking boss has done. Being aware that her boss had lost his dog which was his best friend, the secretary took the picture of the dog to an artist and got the image of the dog in oil. When she presented the gift, the boss burst in eyes. These are examples to show that every one of us has our own imagination that could inspire choices of gifts. Interpretation of other ideas could be done depending on our budgets and abilities.

Sweet Hanukkah Gift SetGIFTS SHOULD BE PRESENTED ON TIME – Timing your gift is important. Christmas gifts must arrive ahead of Christmas. Chanukah gifts must be there before the holiday of eight days ends. When you send flowers or perishable food items, make sure that the recipient is at home by making a call.

PRESENTATION OF A GIFT MUST BE PERFECT – Gift wrap your present beautifully with a note included inside in addition to your business card. Status wrapping available in better stores in New York is better. Anything that is not wrapped properly should be rewrapped, especially what you buy from drug stores. An improperly wrapped gift sends the message that you don’t care the recipient. Also, try to present the gift yourself, especially when you give them to staff members who are close to you.

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11 Responses to “What Constitutes a Successful gift?”

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  • Chia Bro:

    So helpful!

  • Ligia Barnett:

    Thank you!!! That is so gangsta…

  • Dominick74:

    “When you send flowers or perishable food items, make sure that the recipient is at home by making a call.” but, if I’d like to make a surprise, what should i do??

    • AntioneOO:

      take a chance

  • Lyndsey Browder:

    Thanks for posting these great ideas, it really helped me with deciding on my gift for the wedding.

  • Karan:

    A friend of mine once said that he is so afraid to let others know if he likes something. So many times he ends up receiving gifts from others who found out that he likes something.

    • Lyndt:

      it’s simply because he is such a sincerely generous person himself

  • AshtraGo:

    there is nothing wrong with giving gift, what is important you do it with sincerity and with open hearts. and if he/she appreciates it… good for you.

  • Bert:

    A beautifully wrapped gift really shows someone you care.

  • Diana:

    what about a dinner, you can make anything depending on your cooking skill level. he/she will enjoy it guaranteed

  • Daspers:

    Such awesome ideas! Love them!

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