What is a Butter Cookie and Where Did They Come From?

Butter CookieA holiday tradition in many homes is making certain kinds of Christmas cookies every year, or perhaps sending the same kinds of cookies annually to relatives and friends. One of the cookies topping Christmas charts is the butter cookie.

A butter cookie is a delectable, smooth cookie that packs a crisp melt-in-your-mouth flavor. As the name implies butter is a chief ingredient, and staple ingredients include flour, sugar, and vanilla extract. Given that butter is so vital to this cookie you will want to be mindful of it when making these from scratch. That means watching that the butter does not get too warm before it goes into the oven – so cream your butter, do not melt it, and feel free to refrigerate your dough (many recipes require this) before you create the cookie.

Baby Boy CookiesThe best known butter cookies are made in a cookie press. This creates different shapes, although circular is quite popular. Add a little bit of granulated sugar before putting them into the oven and you have a delicious treat. When you are all done remember that butter cookies are so delicious that a topping is not required, but chocolate is always delicious and a light sugary glaze is a lovely compliment.

It is remarkably difficult to pin down the precise origins of the butter cookie, since butter was such a prominent ingredient throughout the early life of cookies. However, the likeliest candidate appears to be the Dutch, who had an abundance of butter and a culture of baking. Regardless of where butter cookies spring from they have since become a classic part of Christmas and a standard addition for a holiday cookie gift tin or basket. They are delicious and worth baking in your own home no matter what your cooking skill level! So make a batch this holiday season.

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9 Responses to “What is a Butter Cookie and Where Did They Come From?”

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  • Caren:

    I love butter cookies and make not only for Christmas. However, I didn’t use the cookie press, I just rolled them out and cut them into circles.

  • Cass:

    My husband loves butter cookies. I think I’ll make him a gift this weekend

  • Cori:

    My kids can’t stop eating them :D I have used a cookie press and it worked great.

  • Hranks:

    It can be changed by adding whatever u like…Very easy and delicious.

  • Dorothy:

    This is the best Christmas cookie. I love the flavor of the cookies and the way they melt in your mouth.

  • Gers:

    my parents both LOVED it. Sprinkle some powdered sugar over it and mmm mmm goooood :)

  • Jane G:

    I’ve been making these cookies since the recipe appeared in the magazine. I think they’re very delicious and go great with lemonade.

  • FannyPack:

    Topping makes them stand out. I wouldn’t miss out on the topping.

  • Helen:

    Butter cookies yum yum

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