What to Give Dad for Father’s Day!

What to Give Dad for Father's Day!Father’s Day is a great way to show your appreciation for all the times your dad has been there for you. Ties are so last year, and if you have been giving them for a while now then odds are your father has plenty of them! Give him something truly special. The best gift is one that lets you two bond over something he loves, although if distance keeps you apart there are still great ways to make his day, even if you are miles away!

There are many fathers with an interest in sports, and there are about as many gifts out there! Tickets to one of his favorite games are popular, but pricey. Instead why not opt for something like a subscription to Sports Illustrated, a league jersey with the number of his favorite player, or, if your father enjoys tailgating, then consider a portable grill, new cooler, or small radio. A gift certificate to his favorite game day eatery works well, too!

Does your father prefer to engage in his sport instead of watching it? Get him a new bat, glove, basketball, soccer shoes, or golf clubs. Take a day off from work so that you two can tee off together, or go to a batting cage – customize your day to suit dad’s taste. If he would rather get together with friends or a community league he participates with, then organize such an outing for him!

Leather Watch CaseFor the scholarly father consider taking him on an expedition to a famous writer’s home if there is one near you, to a book signing by an author he enjoys, or, if you live far off, send him a book gift basket loaded with hours worth of pleasure or upload new titles onto his Kindle (or buy him one!).

Books can also be used to support new hobbies. Maybe your dad enjoys painting but has not done it in years. Get him a new easel, brushes, and paints, or better yet, sign up for a community art class with him.

A book of old car photos makes a great gift for an auto enthusiast and you can send it no matter where you live now. Although if you are still in town around Father’s Day, why not plan to go to an auto show with him? Or rent him a flashy sports car for the weekend – he is unlikely to forget a gift like that!

Celebrate the number one guy in your life by customizing his gift to suit his precise tastes. Gifts that you can engage in together are the best ways for a child to celebrate Father’s Day. Such a delightful gift shows the depth of your love and appreciation – and it sure beats a tie!

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12 Responses to “What to Give Dad for Father’s Day!”

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  • Jane:

    Good article! It was helpful while choosing the gift for my father! he loves watching football. So, I decided to give him something from the sport clothing :)

  • Cole:

    My dad loves books, giving him a book is always gratitude

  • Crastby:

    I dont think it anything original ipod tech stuff or knife

  • StudNap:

    Mens like knives. A knife is to a man’s function, just as trinkets are to a woman’s beauty.

  • Patrick:

    What about a favorite photo of him and his kids :)

  • Patrick:

    or his favorite meal

  • Berry:

    My father would appreciate wash and detail his car.

  • apontee:

    My dad’s birthday was the 12th! i sent him a chocolate tower!! The packaging is sooo beautiful!!

  • Dominique:

    I think dads appreciate gifts more than moms for some reason lol

    • Lige:

      Send him a basket with beers, I guess he will appreciate that more than mom

  • Dustee:

    Great blog. So often it is hard to think of what to give as a gift to someone special in your life. The suggestions you offer are great and it also made me think of some other ideas.

  • Dustee:

    Great blog. Sometimes it is very hard to think what to give to someone you care about. I like the ideas about remembering what their interests are and getting a gift with those interests in mind.

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