What to Give the New Mom for a Push Present!

What to Give the New Mom for a Push Present!
Push presents are a new trend in America. While this is more common in places like England and India it has since become a small cultural phenomenon in the United States. Women’s assertiveness about pregnancy and the increased involvement of men in pregnancy has brought about push gifts, or presents that are given to women following the occasion of them giving birth.

In general, push gifts are ways to celebrate the woman’s hard work more than they are to mark the new life. Given the long, intensely physical nature of pregnancy many people feel that push presents are just rewards for the end of nine long, hard months.

Push present ideas do not have to be complex to please your wife. Jewelry is a lovely standard that will please any woman. A diamond is a girl’s best friend but you need not go that far. A ring with the birthstone of the new baby is a lovely way to commemorate their birth. There are some necklaces and bracelets designed to represent a mother and child, which may be just the thing for you – some even have options to add future children!

An old fashioned but still highly desirable push present is a locket with your baby’s picture inside it. Gold or sterling silver is usually best for lockets. Just be sure to be careful when sizing up the picture and cutting it, or ask the jeweler to do it for you!

Your wife is probably going to be spending an awful lot of time with your new baby, which means indoor time and lots of moments between naps. This may be the perfect time for a new television, bluray or DVD player (Of course this makes it a gift for both of you, but if you do not mention it to your wife then neither will I). If your loved one enjoys reading then a set of books may be a good idea, or a stereo system or radio for music lovers.

Sticking to the idea of spending more time in your home, what about where she will be spending her time with the baby? If there is any last minute gift for the nursery, the push present is your time. This means that if a large gift was not given at your baby shower then you should buy it and have it ready when your wife returns home. However, if everything is set then consider something your wife did not think of – maybe a nice rocking chair or gliding chair to hold the baby, a video baby monitor, or even a set of nursery books.

Puppy Paws One Tier Diaper Cake What your wife really needs is an extra pair of hands. Give her some by hiring help – be it a nanny, maid, masseuse, whatever she needs. You can always go smaller and have the laundry done professionally or have some catering done so that meals are taken care of. If you are low on push present funds then use this moment to cash in on some favors from friends and relatives – have them do your simpler chores, take care of your other children if there are some, make you meals, and so forth. A little pampering is just what a woman needs after giving birth.

It may sound odd, but think about planning a vacation. Babies are easier to watch than toddlers as they mainly sleep. You can bring your child with you, or have a relative watch them. Although you will certainly be enthralled with your child for now in time you will want a little escape. Plus it will give you something to look forward to.

Lastly, if you are strapped for cash (maybe you put all your money into buying baby gifts, or times are tough) then give a gift from the heart. These can be simple bouquets of flowers you pick yourself, a scrapbook you have made of the two of you, or a collage of the meanings of your baby’s name. If you have talents or skills use them to make a gift instead of buying one – carpenters can create great wooden nursery pieces and musically inclined men can serenade their wives with song.

No matter what you do ensure that it shows the depth of your love, pride, and appreciation for all that your wife has been through to bring your child into the world.

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10 Responses to “What to Give the New Mom for a Push Present!”

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  • Viobroth:

    It’s a good idea to give push presents for a new mom.
    my wife got a dozen roses :)

  • Pops:

    Not really sure what to get for my wife but I know I want to get her something.

    • Bobocrew:

      Maybe a day at the spa and a massage or maybe a spa basket

    • Gradson56:

      I think a nice jewelry is always good

    • Mixoff:

      A necklace with babys name on it

      • Kate:

        I have one n love it, my sweet memory!

        • Pops:

          Thank you!!! We have had an amazing pregnancy and I want to show my appreciation to her.

  • Guest44:

    I guess that grandparents and friends should give the family a present, too

  • Andrea:

    I’d be happy with sushi :) It’s been a looooong sushi-less 9 months. I can taste them already…

  • Beeds:

    I would go on a picnic and get a bottle of my wife’s very favorite wine and a snack, and we would celebrate… .

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