What to Include in a Wine Gift Basket!

What to Include in a Wine Gift Basket
Gift baskets are a wonderful gift with a wide variety of things to pack within them, but wine is one of the choicest selections available. When you add wine to a gift basket, it becomes a refined present that holds good times ahead. Wine is a suitable gift for adults for almost any occasion, and can be given to acquaintances, co-workers, bosses, friends, relatives, etc.

When crafting a wine gift basket ensure that you give everything they will need. The gift will reflect your thoughtfulness with little touches like adding a corkscrew. This is actually a vital addition to wine gift baskets for young couples or adults who do not often drink at home since they may not have one.

Sometimes including wine glasses can add an elegant touch, but be wary if you intend to send them a long distance as such glasses tend to be quite fragile. For a wedding present include a pair of wine glasses for the happy couple. If you are buying a gift for a new home owner then maybe a boxed set of wine glasses set under the basket.

Wine Trio Gift BasketWine charms are all the rage. They are little pieces which attach to a wine glass to distinguish it from others. Usually this means a themed set but they can include personalization. Wine charms are a necessity for sipping parties and an excellent gift for couples that enjoy entertaining.

Do not forget that while you drink you ought to eat! Throw in a few snacks so that your recipient can have a drink and a nosh. Go a step further and pair off your wine of choice with an appropriate snack – like a tasty brownie or cookies with dessert wine. Everyone loves chocolate with wine, too (if you are doing a more romantic basket then chocolate covered strawberries are a must have!). Fresh fruit makes a healthy option for health conscious folks. Of course crackers and gourmet cheeses is the classic choice!

Lastly, ensure that you select a quality wine so that they have a wonderful time drinking it. Make sure you pick a wine you are familiar with, or one that you know your recipient is fond of. While wine is the most important part of a wine gift basket, remember that it is not the only part. Pair off your wine with a wine accessory or a tasty treat to provide not just a gift, but a fun experience, for someone you care for.

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  • Belle:

    I’m so gonna do the basket for my husband’s birth day in two week this is gonna be perfect for him, thank you !

  • Caroline:

    Thank you sooo much you saved my lifeeeeee!!!!!

  • Selina:

    a wonderful tutorial, i’m gonna give it a try sometime this week..

  • Selina:

    would LOVE to give something handmade by me.

  • Donna:

    thanks for the info!

  • Viv:

    I’m trying to start a small homebased business that I can do part time. I’m just looking for tips and tutorials to enhance my skills.

  • Trudy:

    thank you for the great instruction and the great ideas xx

  • Melissa:

    not sure about chocolate, everyone loves cheese with wine

  • Rae:

    for my bd i got a basket with wine and godiva chocolate

    • Theodore Russwell:

      The best combination :) I have cheese allergy

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