Wine: A Tasty Gift

Wine A Tasty Gift

I relish good wines any time but holidays are the times I love them most. While it adds cheer when you enjoy your meals with your family and friends, it also could be used as a good gift. If I get an opportunity do things the way I want, my choice will be champagne and I am going to have lot of it. Often, champagne is not given its due place as an accompaniment for a dinner or as a gift wine but it is able to add value to a holiday meal. If you look at its popularity you will find that 99 percent of those who love wine will enjoy receiving a gift of champagne. (The only problem with this statistic is to find what you are doing with the balance 1 percent.)

We are in the festive time of the year and it is a good cause for you to enjoy yourself with some good champagne. Of course there are many good choices of champagne from which you could pick up the one you fancy. Bollinger is the favorite of His Royal Highness Prince of Wales and it really is a great brand. Dom Perignon, Celebris, Gosset Bruce Rose, Krug Grande Cuvee, Veuve Clicquot Grand Dame and Tattinger Comtes de Champagne are some of the other brands that enjoy the same prestige as Bollinger. In case you want to jump a notch or two up, hurry up and grab a magnum of champagne. This is equivalent to two bottle of standard wine and it comes wrapped in an impressive package. It looks as if it is shouting “let’s party”.

Wine Trio Gift Basket

If you perceive Champagne as the Queen among the wines, it certainly fits to be the wine for the royalty. In that sense, fine California Cabernet Sauvignons or the great Bordeaux fit to be the kings of wines. EOM cabernet which is a vintage wine of superb quality is now available for you to try. My special preferences are Far Niente, BV Rutherford Clone 4, Heitz Martha’s Vineyard, Chateau Montelena and Flora Springs Hillside Reserve. Out of the many Meritage (Bordeaux) blends pick up Joseph Phelps, Cain Five, Dominus, Merryvale Profile and Insignia.

During the good old days Italian wines were behind the wines of France and California origin. However, world-class wines are now produced in this region of the world. Draw your attention to Super Tuscan class that is built around Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and great Borolo wines. Selections of wines from Gaja and Antinori are also wines that will please anyone. You must not forget to add Port here. My advice for those young people who are just going to start on their adventure on wine is to get their wine merchant to prepare a mixed case of wine which is a brilliant idea that will never pale. Now you have wine to suit any taste and what you need to do is to find some great volumes on the subject. A wine lover in you will definitely be pleased.

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16 Responses to “Wine: A Tasty Gift”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Rivas:

    Very interesting and useful article. I love champagne more than wine. But would love to taste some of you listed above!! hehehehe. Tnx for sharing! :)

  • Peter F.:

    I received a great basket with Merlot and Chardonnay from my good fiend. My wife and I once drank two bottles about three hours. Good, that was at home.

  • Edwin:

    We gave two bottles as a wedding present. The person that received was more than grateful.

  • Gold:

    I’m doing a gift basket this year. I will be including a bottle of wine, homemade spaghetti sauce with pasta. Do you have any idea whhat to include??

    • Duke:

      We added wine and cheese. the greatest combination :)

    • Tallfeld:

      My brother and his wife are both chefs. They make gift baskets with sauces, food items. That goes well for wine…This year I would make my own wine basket.thanks for shared some great ideas!!!

  • Pierson:

    I make wine baskets every year, and I know when I include items made by me in the baskets, some sort of cookies, chocolate, food etc., people love it, they feel it more personalized

    • FendGQ:

      It’s pretty easy to make. Haven’t made any this year, but hope will make for Christmas.

  • Lois:

    Sparkling wine coupled with a simple ribbon is the perfect gift for a birthday party or a wedding

    • D.Normes:

      Wine can make a good gift both for a newly married couple and as a housewarming gift, the hostess of a dinner party… or boss.

  • Rieaslle581:

    Not sure what type of wine to buy for a present?

    • Gopviesse:

      Do you know the person’s tastes?

      • Rieaslle581:

        I’m not sure what they drink…

        • Gopviesse:

          If they have a sweet tooth, they might prefer a sweeter wine

        • Gopviesse:

          if you’re not sure, ask someone at the store to recommend a popular wine

        • Gopviesse:

          or don’t be afraid to pick something unusual because you can introduce your friends to something new….

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