Who doesn’t love to have a few gifs instead of one? To send multiple small gifts instead of one, just order a gift tower online. Your gift recipient will have a lot of fun opening all tower boxes, and you will get free shipping!

When you need a unique present that will really widen peoples' eyes, you need a gift tower. All the fun of multiple presents, in one delightful package! It will be like Christmas morning with one surprise after another. Our gift towers range from summer delights to a tower of stars, with boxes full of various cookies, truffles, candy, chocolate squares, pretzels, caramels and much more!

Why send one gift when you can send a tower full? Don’t be limited to a single gift – send a handful of gifts and multiply the joy of the person to whom you’re sending the tower!

Flowers don't tell, they show.
Stephanie Skeem

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Verna X. Posted on 2/19/2018
5 of 5
Did not see it in person, but our office loved it. Said it was presented well and enough food for everyone.
Elvira Posted on 2/14/2018
5 of 5
Customer service tracked and helped with delivery difficulties. Recipient loved it.
Glenn Posted on 2/12/2018
4 of 5
Delivered exactly on the day that I chose. I always recommend amerigiftbaskets to everyone! The presentation is unbeatable.
Clara Posted on 2/12/2018
5 of 5
Everyone was pleased. The items arrived on time, looked great and the customers loved it!
Sean Ray Posted on 2/06/2018
5 of 5
I have already started enjoying the contents of this gift tower and am sure I will enjoy the rest as well. :-)
Tiffany Posted on 2/05/2018
5 of 5
Recipient was super happy with gift. I highly recommend this basket and will definitely be sending it again! Thank you!
Wikol6 Posted on 1/31/2018
5 of 5
This gift was not only beautiful but also very delicious. I was very happy with the service and the quality of the whole purchase.
alice Posted on 1/30/2018
4 of 5
the recipient was delighted. it arrived on time and was a wonderful surprise.
Ann Posted on 1/30/2018
5 of 5
Good and expedient service! It arrived when it was supposed to and looked like the picture. Have always had great results when using Amerigiftbaskets.
Emilio Posted on 1/26/2018
4 of 5
The recipients were very excited and surprised to receive it. I saw the photo and it looked exactly as is shown on the website.
Iris Weber Posted on 1/26/2018
5 of 5
This gift was nice and my friend enjoyed it. The presentation of it was nicely done. And it was a good value.
Roman Frank Posted on 1/16/2018
5 of 5
Super amazing gift!!! Just as shown. Enjoyed. The whole family enjoyed the products very much!! No problem getting delivery on the appointed day!
Shelly Grant Posted on 1/16/2018
5 of 5
Purchased as a gift, gift was well received. Every holiday I order at least two baskets,and everyone loves them.
Aubrey Potter Posted on 1/11/2018
5 of 5
I would purchase this product for myself. I got this gift for my best friend's family. She was so happy!!!
Great gift for the price.
Alyssa Posted on 1/04/2018
3 of 5
It arrived on time and was greatly appreciated. I did not see the product but the recipient was delighted with it.
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