Who doesn’t love to have a few gifs instead of one? To send multiple small gifts instead of one, just order a gift tower online. Your gift recipient will have a lot of fun opening all tower boxes, and you will get free shipping!

When you need a unique present that will really widen peoples' eyes, you need a gift tower. All the fun of multiple presents, in one delightful package! It will be like Christmas morning with one surprise after another. Our gift towers range from summer delights to a tower of stars, with boxes full of various cookies, truffles, candy, chocolate squares, pretzels, caramels and much more!

Why send one gift when you can send a tower full? Don’t be limited to a single gift – send a handful of gifts and multiply the joy of the person to whom you’re sending the tower!

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
St. Jerome, The Principal Works of St. Jerome

Last rated products

B. May Posted on 5/03/2017
5 of 5
Sent as thank you gift. Was great. This time I had some difficulty ordering on line. I wrote a letter to customer service, the representative was extremely courteous and most helpful.
Emmett Posted on 4/26/2017
5 of 5
Recipient was very surprised, and loved everything. I will be using this company again!!!
Debbie Posted on 4/26/2017
4 of 5
Delivery was on time. My recipient loved it.
Betsy Posted on 4/18/2017
5 of 5
Gift tower arrived on time and was a wonderful surprise. Highly recommend this one!
Arturo Posted on 4/18/2017
5 of 5
Great service and tasty products! If you want to send a great gift to someone, for any occasion, you can't go wrong with this tower.
Leticia Posted on 4/05/2017
4 of 5
Everyone has loved their gifts. They are delivered on time, and presentation is always very nice. Thank you for your service. Love it.
Lynda Barnes Posted on 4/04/2017
5 of 5
It was very nice.... I just feels so good to order such special gifts for the people I care about. It was an excellent choice!!!!
Jamie Posted on 4/04/2017
5 of 5
Have recommended this company to many people..always satisfied. The gift was very nice. It arrived on time.
Kats Posted on 4/03/2017
5 of 5
Friend was very impressed! I had never seen such a wonderful basket. This is a dependable company that I have been using for years.
Anita Ruiz Posted on 3/30/2017
5 of 5
Their whole family thoroughly enjoyed to food. Customer service was fantastic and it arrived right on time! :-)
Orack Posted on 3/24/2017
5 of 5
Love the product and so did the recipient. Service could not have been better. Plus the presentation is wonderful.
delores Posted on 3/20/2017
3 of 5
very extravagant
it was delivered on time and looked good. my mom loved it
Inez J. Posted on 3/20/2017
5 of 5
very friendly and professional customer service. shipments were timely and the recipients were very impressed.
Marcus Posted on 3/14/2017
5 of 5
Product was great, as usual. Service is excellent and it was delivered on time. Love your company.
Alex75 Posted on 3/13/2017
3 of 5
It was not delivered on time, but it's not your fault. My recipient was away for two days and our gift was left at the front door. She was thrilled when she got home.
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