Sometimes you want to show your boss you appreciate them, or thank your boss for an act of kindness - or maybe you just want to get in on their good side to get next Friday off. Whatever the reason, our assortment of boss gift baskets will warm their hearts.

Our ample range offers an array of options - if you know your boss well, order a gift basket for your boss themed around their hobbies. We have baskets suited to golfers, coffee or tea lovers, bakery regulars, and more, so no matter what kind of boss you have we'll have just the thing – and also free shipping!

If you are unfamiliar with them on a personal level food and drink are always popular choices with everyone. A fine wine or champagne basket is also an elegant present. Though if you prefer to buy a functional gift basket for your boss, we have elegant pen sets, too!

I don't know what's in the box, but I love it. Unopened gifts contain hope.
Jarod Kintz, This Book Title is Invisible

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Ignacio Dixon Posted on 7/20/2018
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Ordered from Spain. It was easy and delivery was prompt. Presentation was fabulous and recipient loved it.
Dave Posted on 7/19/2018
5 of 5
Thank you for a wonderful first-time experience. When the opportunity arises I will order from Amerigiftbaskets! Grateful.
Kristen Posted on 7/18/2018
5 of 5
My friend thought the gift basket was tastefully done. I will definetely order from amerigiftbaskets again.
Traci Posted on 7/18/2018
5 of 5
This is the first time I have ordered from amerigiftbaskets. The website is easy to use. I will definitely be using this company again. Gorgeous basket and excellent packaging!
Santos B. Posted on 7/17/2018
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As with many other items that we order from ameri gift baskets, this basket impressed the recipient. The product was delivered exactly when they said it would be, very nice and good quality.
Lamar Posted on 7/17/2018
5 of 5
Thank you for this wonderful service. Amerigiftbaskets provide great looking baskets, fast delivery and very reasonable pricing.
Rossi Posted on 7/17/2018
5 of 5
Great assortment of items for every occasion. It is my go to gift from now on! I will use your company again and again.
Patrick Posted on 7/16/2018
4 of 5
Great job. The gift arrived right on time and was a big success. There was lots of variety and at a good price. Thank you!
Deborah Wilkerson Posted on 7/16/2018
4 of 5
This is the first time I have ordered from amerigiftbaskets. Gorgeous basket and excellent packaging! We will definitely be using amerigiftbaskets again.
D.N. Posted on 7/13/2018
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What a great basket! Customer service was great too. My friend loved her gift. Would definitely order from again. Thumbs up on this item.
Antonio Posted on 7/13/2018
4 of 5
Fantastic speedy delivery. Everything about this gift was great! It was so pretty and had so much in it.
Beth Posted on 7/11/2018
5 of 5
Who wouldn't want this basket, very impressive. Amazing product that was packaged extremely well. The delivery service was excellent. I look forward to using amerigiftbaskets for my next order.
Connie Andrews Posted on 7/11/2018
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I send to my friends, they love it. I wil use amerigiftbaskets again. The delivery was incredible, it was exactly what I expected.
Rickey Posted on 7/06/2018
5 of 5
Gift was just perfect for the occasion. Thanks to all your staff.
Doreen Posted on 7/06/2018
4 of 5
This was a gift to someone at a distance. I never saw the gift. It was delivered promptly for my parents 30th anniversary. They were very happy with the basket! :-)
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