No matter what kind of woman you are looking to buy a gift for there is one thing they all want - to feel loved. They do not want you to pick the first thing you came across in a drug store: they want a gift customized to their tastes. Our gift baskets for women are sophisticated choices with a range for every woman.

Give her a scrumptious delight, like artfully crafted cheesecake or gourmet chocolates. Who doesn't love sweets, especially when they did not have to bake them? If your special someone needs to relax (and who doesn't experience stress?) then a spa gift set may be exactly their style. Order a gift basket for women online to indulge that special lady in your life.

Whether you need an anniversary gift, birthday present or just want to show her you care without any prompting at all, we have just the basket for you. We make it easy to show you care with free shipping, without sending you out to the store or giving you the hassle of gift wrapping. With only a few clicks you can send an elegant gift basket for ladies that she will love!

Don't wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty. Chocolate isn't like premarital sex. It will not make you pregnant. And it always feels good.
Lora Brody

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Tyra Posted on 7/01/2020
5 of 5
Top quality and fresh products packed beautifully. It was a festive present.
Definitely will shop again!
Chaia Z. Posted on 7/01/2020
4 of 5
Celebrating new arrival into the family! Came on time and was wonderful.
Tina Posted on 6/30/2020
4 of 5
The basket arrived beautifully and the recipient said it was great. Also it arrived on time.
Alma Posted on 6/29/2020
5 of 5
You provide outstanding products and service. Everything was tasty & delicious. Definitely a 5/5 experience.
Dominika H. Posted on 6/26/2020
4 of 5
Outstanding! Everyone has been very happy. They were thrilled with how it was presented.
Alexandra Mccartney Posted on 6/26/2020
5 of 5
The contents is superb and always on time.
Lilianna Posted on 6/26/2020
5 of 5
This is my second time ordering from amerigiftbaskets. I had never before used this site. Thank you for the great service!
Nelly Posted on 6/25/2020
4 of 5
Beautiful presentation, quality contents...simply perfect!
Lily-Rose Posted on 6/24/2020
5 of 5
You did a great job with everything. Thank you.
Viktoria W Posted on 6/24/2020
5 of 5
I just received it, and I couldn't be happier. Beautifully done. Absolutely loved it.
Jully Posted on 6/24/2020
5 of 5
The presentation is beautiful. The contents is superb and always on time. 5 stars.
Mika Posted on 6/24/2020
5 of 5
I only use this site for all my gifts. The recipient of this gift said the basket it came in was beautiful.
Estelle Hammond Posted on 6/24/2020
5 of 5
The gift was well received! Made me feel so good it was received with such happiness. Will definitely use again.
Everett Posted on 6/23/2020
5 of 5
The recipient said it was "beautiful". Extremely attractive gift that was delivered as advertised.
Suzanna Posted on 6/23/2020
5 of 5
Much more than expected! It arrived on time, when she received it, she was completely satisfied. I was happy I sent it!
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