A birthday is the only time to celebrate the birth of someone we love - not a holiday, a celebration for everyone, or a historical person. It is the most special day of the year for them, so how can you not mark the occasion by ordering a birthday gift online?

No matter whose birthday it is, our birthday gift baskets are sure to please their tastes! We have a variety to please everyone, from your gourmet-loving aunt to your best friend who loves to snack or your wine-long father. No matter whose birthday it is, we have the right birthday present available in a memorable gift basket and free shipping!

One of the best presents to get are tasty treats because birthday is a perfect excuse for eating rich food. So this year go for a birthday gift that is not only fantastic, but delectable too! Our gift baskets are filled with gourmet delights and snacks including cheesecakes, cookies, brownies and other sweet treats. Sending a gift basket not only gives the recipient a surprise on the day they most deserve to feel special and appreciated, but it is also a quick and easy way for you to buy a customized birthday present.

Practical gifts are another great way to be thoughtful, and they work for anything from birthdays to dinner-party gifts.
Phoebe Cates

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Hazel Posted on 3/31/2020
5 of 5
Thank you for this beautiful packaging. Everyone enjoyed the goodies! Easy to order! Arrived in a timely fashion.
Rufus Posted on 3/31/2020
5 of 5
I have never had any issues ever. Always the best quality. I love Amerigiftbaskets!
Carole Posted on 3/31/2020
5 of 5
I was very pleased with the quality and the quantity. And the price was also good. Awesome as always!
Audrey Stewart Posted on 3/31/2020
5 of 5
Arrived in a timely fashion. Every thing in this package was great!
Elmer Posted on 3/27/2020
5 of 5
Beautifully done. Our recipient was so pleased. You did a great job with everything. Thank you.
Annette Wilson Posted on 3/27/2020
5 of 5
Outstanding, recipient was delighted! 5 stars
Kay P. Posted on 3/27/2020
4 of 5
The recipient was pleased and appreciated the gift. She loved all the goodies.
Bridget Posted on 3/27/2020
5 of 5
Delightful! Recipient said: "You know me well! I love chocolate!"
Lorena George Posted on 3/26/2020
5 of 5
This one is a winner. A wonderful idea just to let someone know you are thinking of them. Customer service was great too.
Caroline Posted on 3/24/2020
5 of 5
We loved it and for the price & product we will use your service in the future as well.
Thank you
Carroll Posted on 3/24/2020
5 of 5
The person who received this just raved about it! I will definitely order again from amerigiftbaskets. I think we made the right choice. Thank you!
Krystal Posted on 3/24/2020
5 of 5
The contents were beautiful and plenty of it!!! Great variety of products. We loved it.
Jessie P Posted on 3/24/2020
4 of 5
Recipients stated the package was beautiful. So pretty and the treats tasted amazing! I want one for myself now. : )
Sheryl Posted on 3/24/2020
5 of 5
Customer service is excellent !! Thank you for doing such a great job.
Danny Alvarez Posted on 3/23/2020
5 of 5
People receiving this called to say what a beautiful arrangement. Thanks soooo much it is a thrill too make someone Happy.
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