Everyone has the awful experience of being stuck with a cold or virus that seems to go on forever at one time or another. If you someone dear to you is sick, show them that you care about them and wish them to get well with more than just words – order a get well gift basket online!

Send them one of our high quality get well gift baskets, they're just the thing to put the color back in their cheeks! Our get well gift baskets have everything required to help them feel fit again. We can help with gourmet breakfasts (does not come with a husband or wife to serve in bed, you must provide that yourself), or send a snack like fresh fruit or luscious bakery treats.

When someone feels sick they deserve a little pampering, as well as a reminder that someone out there loves them and is sending them not just a few well wishes, but a basket full. No matter how low they feel, our get well gift baskets always bring a smile! Order a get well gift now to get free shipping!

We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.
David Mamet, Boston Marriage

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Melissa Posted on 1/15/2021
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Totally thrilled with this basket, it exceeded my expectations. Wonderful experience! Loved it!
Erika Knight Posted on 1/15/2021
5 of 5
It’s an excellent customer service. my gift delivery arrived a day earlier than the estimated date of delivery ..
Katie Posted on 1/15/2021
5 of 5
Both gift baskets arrived on time, everything was fine. Beautiful gifts that were appreciated.
Lynn Posted on 1/14/2021
5 of 5
I was amazed at the quality and service. The basket arrived on time. It was beautiful presented.. Thank you!
Ross Harvey Posted on 1/13/2021
4 of 5
Looks to have a good variety of items. Great gift. You guys do a good job.
Heidi Posted on 1/13/2021
4 of 5
Always great service and quality at amerigift baskets. Easy to track. The recipient loved everything about it.
Wilma Posted on 1/13/2021
5 of 5
The gift arrived right on time and my friend was just thrilled at the display and quality of the product. I'm really expressed and will order from amerigiftbaskets again!
Helen Posted on 1/13/2021
5 of 5
The gift was as advertised. Recipient loved it. Good price, my basket was free shipping.
little girl Posted on 1/12/2021
5 of 5
what an awesome gift! can't wait to taste everything in here. it shipped very quickly and without any problems
Kristen Burns Posted on 1/12/2021
4 of 5
The recipient was surprised and enjoyed everything in the gift basket. Reasonably priced. Thank you. Everything was great!
Sophia Posted on 1/11/2021
4 of 5
I am very happy with the choice I made. The basket looks presentable. Good customer service! I really appreciated it!
Doreen Joseph Posted on 1/06/2021
5 of 5
The person this was sent to loved it. Perfect gift with a little bit of everything. Definitely recommend using them again in the future.
Lorena Moss Posted on 1/05/2021
5 of 5
The order arrived quickly. Great variety of treats. The contents were beautiful and plenty of it!!!
Bernice Jo Posted on 1/05/2021
5 of 5
I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely this gift was and how carefully it was packed and shipped.
Ann Harrison Posted on 1/04/2021
5 of 5
Thank you so much for the speedy delivery! It was everything we expected and more. Came in the package exactly as displayed.
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