The best gifts you can get are not during a holiday - they are the unexpected gifts! Who doesn't love being surprised? Giving a "just because" gift is a way to acknowledge how truly wonderful you think they are by doing so without a prompt. Just because gifts are the most genuine off all!

Remember being surprised as a kid when someone showed up on your doorstep with a plate of cookies? Bring back those days - even if you live worlds apart - by sending a just because gift basket of sweet, yummy, baked goods.

Need to rekindle a romance? We can offer some wonderfully romantic just because gifts, like sophisticates wines, to get you off on the right foot. We have a wide selection of baskets to remind your sweetheart of you when you are in a long distance relationship, or away on business. Order a just because gift basket online to make people dear to you happy just because you care about them!

Don't wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty. Chocolate isn't like premarital sex. It will not make you pregnant. And it always feels good.
Lora Brody

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Emilio Posted on 10/18/2018
5 of 5
First class all the way. It's easy to order, reasonably priced and enjoyed by recipients.
Thank you.
Antoinette Mckenzie Posted on 10/17/2018
4 of 5
I am glad I order this gift. I didn't see it just on the picture, and to me looks good, and tasty.
Monica Posted on 10/12/2018
4 of 5
The gift was lovely and well received. My brother told me that the products were excellent. Delivered on time and in great condition.
Thank you!
Leah Posted on 10/11/2018
4 of 5
Thanks for the easy gift that was enjoyed by all! We are very happy with the product. There was a good variety.
Ronald Posted on 10/11/2018
5 of 5
The recipients of the gift basket loved it. It arrived on the expected day. There was a good variety. Thanks for the easy gift that was enjoyed by all!
Sonya Bradley Posted on 10/11/2018
5 of 5
Delivered on time fresh as advertised. All arrived on the dates chosen and the website was easy to navigate and enter all my recipients information.
Definitely worth it!
Loyal Customer Posted on 10/10/2018
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Person who received this gift basket said it was "beautiful". Very happy with the quality and quantity!!
Loyal Customer....
Betsy Posted on 10/09/2018
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I could not be happier with my purchase. It was delivered on time, and she loved everything in the basket. I highly recommend using AmeriGiftbaskets.
Elisa Posted on 10/08/2018
5 of 5
Had purchased this item for my sister & her husband.
She called when it arrived and stated: "It's beautiful!!
Rachel Posted on 10/05/2018
5 of 5
My parents were very happy to receive this gift. The shipping was fast and was nicer then expected.
D Wells Posted on 10/05/2018
3 of 5
Delivery was on time and recipient was very pleased with this gift...Thank You.....
Priscilla Posted on 10/05/2018
5 of 5
Outstanding presentation. Thank you so much for making this easy for us. We will definitely use amerigiftbaskets again.
Viola Casey Posted on 10/05/2018
5 of 5
We are for sure going to use it again & again!!! They were so impressed with the presentation. Amazing service and a beautiful gift.
Mathew Posted on 10/04/2018
4 of 5
I appreciated that the expedited shipping and there was good communication from the company.
Johanna Posted on 10/03/2018
5 of 5
Very pleased with the delivery time and the beautiful presentation. I will certainly purchase from you again.
Thank you very much.
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