The best gifts you can get are not during a holiday - they are the unexpected gifts! Who doesn't love being surprised? Giving a "just because" gift is a way to acknowledge how truly wonderful you think they are by doing so without a prompt. Just because gifts are the most genuine off all!

Remember being surprised as a kid when someone showed up on your doorstep with a plate of cookies? Bring back those days - even if you live worlds apart - by sending a just because gift basket of sweet, yummy, baked goods.

Need to rekindle a romance? We can offer some wonderfully romantic just because gifts, like sophisticates wines, to get you off on the right foot. We have a wide selection of baskets to remind your sweetheart of you when you are in a long distance relationship, or away on business. Order a just because gift basket online to make people dear to you happy just because you care about them!

Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the 'Titanic' who waved off the dessert cart.
Erma Bombeck

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Jane Posted on 10/20/2017
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I ordered online,it was easy. The package arrived on time and my friends loved it. Thank You!
L.M. Posted on 10/19/2017
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I purchased this as a gift for my boss and he loved it!
Products arrive on time. It made his day. Thanks for making it so easy.
Anna C. Posted on 10/18/2017
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The variety of products was wonderful and very tasty. They were able to share it with several family members and received many compliments on it. Good job!
Andrew M. Posted on 10/16/2017
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Customer service was very helpful. I had to contact them because I made a mistake when ordering. They responded promptly and correct the problem. Thank you very much!
SoWekie Posted on 10/13/2017
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Product exceeded expectations. Each recipient called me delighted with their surprise. I would sent the same thing again.
Jamie B. Posted on 10/12/2017
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I will order again from your company in the future.... all in all, I was pleased and will definately order again..
Saysiy Posted on 10/11/2017
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Beautiful gift!! Well worth the price.
Melba Posted on 10/10/2017
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Fantastic! Like if there was anything more than perfect it would be this.
Angelica Posted on 10/10/2017
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My family loved it! It was reasonably priced, arrived when promised, and was a great value.
Rickey F. Posted on 10/09/2017
5 of 5
I'm so glad I went with this gift. It arrived in a timely manner and my Mom loved it! Will definitely use this again!
Myrtle Posted on 10/09/2017
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Amerigiftbaskets always comes through with great products and delivered on time.
PERETSOB.3534 Posted on 10/06/2017
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Dowy009hjox Posted on 10/05/2017
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She loved it!!!! When I phoned her, she said that when she saw who it was from, she sat down and cried! Thanks for helping to make her day...!!!!!
Lee Posted on 10/05/2017
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It was a great product. The family is always impressed by it. It always has arrived on time or the day before.
Matthew Posted on 10/04/2017
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Great products. I would feel very good about trusting this company and ordering again.
Thanks very much!
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