The best gifts you can get are not during a holiday - they are the unexpected gifts! Who doesn't love being surprised? Giving a "just because" gift is a way to acknowledge how truly wonderful you think they are by doing so without a prompt. Just because gifts are the most genuine off all!

Remember being surprised as a kid when someone showed up on your doorstep with a plate of cookies? Bring back those days - even if you live worlds apart - by sending a just because gift basket of sweet, yummy, baked goods.

Need to rekindle a romance? We can offer some wonderfully romantic just because gifts, like sophisticates wines, to get you off on the right foot. We have a wide selection of baskets to remind your sweetheart of you when you are in a long distance relationship, or away on business. Order a just because gift basket online to make people dear to you happy just because you care about them!

Giving gifts to others is a fundamental activity, as old as humanity itself.
Andrew Weil

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Kellie Marshall Posted on 12/13/2017
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Recipients very much like the gift basket. It did arrive on time. Very nice. Will use your company again.
Matt-34 Posted on 12/13/2017
5 of 5
Beautiful arrangement, delivered on time. My parents were thrilled. Must be a good gift.
Annie Fowler Posted on 12/12/2017
4 of 5
Was a gift, so I didn't get to see the end result. I will be back to order again.
d oliver Posted on 12/11/2017
5 of 5
great basket, lots to choose from..
very satisfied
S&K Rogers Posted on 12/11/2017
5 of 5
This product is a good quality, good value and great price. Recipient was very pleased with the package. This gift was a good choice to show her we cared about her at the holidays...
Danielle Posted on 11/27/2017
5 of 5
Customer service was very helpful. Thank you.
I really liked the free shipping and it did arrive on time.
Monique Posted on 11/27/2017
5 of 5
Great customer service and gift was greatly appreciated by recipient. Thank you for your great services.
Iris Mclaughlin Posted on 11/27/2017
5 of 5
Have been shopping here for years. Would not use any other gift basket shop!!!
Marta Posted on 11/22/2017
5 of 5
The gift basket arrived on time and in great condition.
My recipients LOVED it! Made me look good!
Thank you.
Anthony Posted on 9/27/2017
5 of 5
First time ordering this gift and my recipient was pleasantly surprised. We will definitely send this again.
Nice gift to show you care!
Catherine Posted on 9/27/2017
5 of 5
Always fresh, always well presented. This is the best company to use when you want the products delivered on time and are always amazing.
Alicia James Posted on 9/26/2017
4 of 5
I have used this company many times and never had an issue. Great value, great selection. Arrived on time!
Randy Posted on 9/22/2017
4 of 5
Been using amerigiftbaskets for years now, always happy. Thank you
Adrienne Posted on 9/21/2017
5 of 5
Wonderful way to say Thanks. The recipient of the basket was overjoyed with the variety and quality of the items.
Gerjd72 Posted on 9/20/2017
4 of 5
Thanks so much for the wonderfully prepared chocolate & gourmet basket. My client was very impressed and appreciative!
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