The best gifts you can get are not during a holiday - they are the unexpected gifts! Who doesn't love being surprised? Giving a "just because" gift is a way to acknowledge how truly wonderful you think they are by doing so without a prompt. Just because gifts are the most genuine off all!

Remember being surprised as a kid when someone showed up on your doorstep with a plate of cookies? Bring back those days - even if you live worlds apart - by sending a just because gift basket of sweet, yummy, baked goods.

Need to rekindle a romance? We can offer some wonderfully romantic just because gifts, like sophisticates wines, to get you off on the right foot. We have a wide selection of baskets to remind your sweetheart of you when you are in a long distance relationship, or away on business. Order a just because gift basket online to make people dear to you happy just because you care about them!

The second best thing after a gift itself is the way of giving it
Ali Boussi

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Miranda Posted on 12/11/2019
5 of 5
There was something for everyone. Excellent choice. Very good quality and taste great.
Lynn Posted on 12/11/2019
5 of 5
Perfect gift. Arrived right on time. Two people received their order and enjoyed all the items.
Normie Posted on 12/11/2019
5 of 5
Was enjoyed very much by all. Arrived exactly on time as needed!!
Morgan Posted on 12/10/2019
5 of 5
Great product. It was for a gift and was very well received. Recipients were blown away!
Debra S. Posted on 12/10/2019
4 of 5
Arrived on time and well packed. Recipients loved it...received positive feedback from them.
Thank you!
irene cooper Posted on 12/06/2019
5 of 5
thank you for your gifts. everything is exceptionally good. thank you for your never less than outstanding service! the presentation was lovely and everything was delicious!!!
Elisa Posted on 12/06/2019
4 of 5
Excellent choice. Everything was fresh and wonderful. Friends who received this really loved it.
Nicole Hill Posted on 12/05/2019
5 of 5
All my recipients enjoyed it! They loved everything and the products were top notch! Made me happy with my choice.
Molly Patterson Posted on 12/04/2019
5 of 5
Bought this for my grandson, didn’t want too many sweets and the variety was fantastic! Thank you!
Kim G. Posted on 12/03/2019
5 of 5
Perfect gift for parents. They were very pleased with not only the contents in the basket, but the presentation as well.
Myron Posted on 12/03/2019
5 of 5
Thank you for your consistently excellent service and and products. The gift was beautiful, the products wonderful. It was worth the money.
Heidi Posted on 12/03/2019
5 of 5
You guys think of everything! Everyone raved about this gift! Thank u for making us look good.
V. Rhodes Posted on 12/02/2019
5 of 5
Extremely attractive gift that was delivered as advertised. The quality of the items contained within was first rate. I will definitely order from Amerigiftbaskets in the future!
Oliver & Evelyn Posted on 11/27/2019
5 of 5
On time and nicely presented. Very satisfied with your products. The contents were really good and tasty treats.
Kim Posted on 11/27/2019
5 of 5
Amazing service. I was very impressed with the quality and timeliness of delivery.
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