When it's time to say thank you how will you do it? How would you want gratitude shown to you? Give them the what you would want - an attractive basket full of gifts customized to suit their needs. Got someone with a sweet tooth, or someone who loves savories? No problem, we have you covered for both!

Thank you cards are nice but they get tossed aside right after being opened. Giving a gift basket lets them truly cherish you - just as you cherish them. Besides, wouldn't you prefer giving a bunch of tasty treats you know they love, but would not buy themselves, instead of a card with a message someone else wrote?

We have a huge selection of tasty morsels and have scoured the globe for the finest gifts available. Our quality gift baskets allow you to easily send a bottle of wine, package of chocolates, or a basket of gourmet baked goods, and say thank you in a way they won't soon forget!

Don't wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty. Chocolate isn't like premarital sex. It will not make you pregnant. And it always feels good.
Lora Brody

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Veronica Wilkerson Posted on 7/09/2020
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Beautiful, carefully packed, very fresh and on time as promised. I would order from here again for sure.
Marianne Posted on 7/08/2020
5 of 5
Beautiful! I was the recipient and was pleasantly surprised to see the level of quality included in this item.
Lena Rivera Posted on 7/08/2020
4 of 5
The person who received this just raved about it! Thank so much, I will be ordering again!!!
Diana Nunez Posted on 7/08/2020
4 of 5
l was amazed how fast you delivered the gift basket. The contents were beautiful and plenty of it!!! Guests loved it.
Nellie Powell Posted on 7/06/2020
5 of 5
Arrived on time. Beautifully packed and recipient was over joyed. I highly recommend it!
Kate V. Posted on 7/03/2020
5 of 5
Totally thrilled with this basket, it exceeded my expectations. Overall, the gifts are reasonably priced for the quality.
Alisha Posted on 7/03/2020
5 of 5
Beautiful presentation delicious contents...simply perfect! Very happy.
Thank you
Ashlee Posted on 7/02/2020
5 of 5
Be sure that I will order from amerigiftbaskets again, and again and again. Thank you very much.
Matthew Posted on 7/02/2020
5 of 5
The gift was so beautiful and was well received. Thank you and keep it up.
Jazmin Posted on 7/02/2020
5 of 5
It arrived here in time and in good condition. Thank you for providing such a beautiful gift. I LOVE A Million Thank You's Chocolate & Gourmet Gift Basket & would recommend them to the world!
Amy L. Posted on 7/02/2020
4 of 5
Excellent!!! Very nice and the receiver loved it!
Thank you!
Xiong3386 Posted on 7/02/2020
5 of 5
Good selection of items. Delivered promptly. Impressive service. Will use your services again.
Tyra Posted on 7/01/2020
5 of 5
Top quality and fresh products packed beautifully. It was a festive present.
Definitely will shop again!
Chaia Z. Posted on 7/01/2020
4 of 5
Celebrating new arrival into the family! Came on time and was wonderful.
Grace Posted on 7/01/2020
4 of 5
This basket was simply beautiful! My parents absolutely loved it. Very pleased with the basket.
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