When it's time to say thank you how will you do it? How would you want gratitude shown to you? Give them the what you would want - an attractive basket full of gifts customized to suit their needs. Got someone with a sweet tooth, or someone who loves savories? No problem, we have you covered for both!

Thank you cards are nice but they get tossed aside right after being opened. Giving a gift basket lets them truly cherish you - just as you cherish them. Besides, wouldn't you prefer giving a bunch of tasty treats you know they love, but would not buy themselves, instead of a card with a message someone else wrote?

We have a huge selection of tasty morsels and have scoured the globe for the finest gifts available. Our quality gift baskets allow you to easily send a bottle of wine, package of chocolates, or a basket of gourmet baked goods, and say thank you in a way they won't soon forget!

Don't wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty. Chocolate isn't like premarital sex. It will not make you pregnant. And it always feels good.
Lora Brody

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Javier Posted on 9/20/2019
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I did not personally see the baskets, but the recipients were thrilled and sent us the pictures. I recommend this site to everyone. Everything was great from ordering to delivery!
Mary Fox Posted on 9/19/2019
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Thank you, it made my friend's day:))) The presentation was beautiful. She even sent me pictures. The basket lived up to my expectations.
Sheri Posted on 9/18/2019
5 of 5
Perfect for the money. The recipient raved about the product. It was a pleasure to work with you.
Rene Posted on 9/18/2019
5 of 5
WONDERFUL products!!!!! I was the recipient and was pleasantly surprised to see the level of quality. The service I received was also excellent. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job. Thank you!
Maya-T64 Posted on 9/17/2019
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Thank you for doing such a fantastic job. The service I received was excellent. This is the second time I have ordered from
Garrett Hayes Posted on 9/17/2019
4 of 5
What a wonderful surprise. I didn't get to see the delivered gift, but my sister and her family report that it was delicious. I will definitely order from amerigiftbaskets again.
Ruizzo661 Posted on 9/17/2019
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Beautiful gift. I was the recipient and was pleasantly surprised to see the level of quality. The fruit was fresh and juicy. Very Happy!!
Sophie Posted on 9/16/2019
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The recipient loved it. I didn't see it. I would definitely order this or something else from amerigiftbaskets again.
Gabriel Posted on 9/16/2019
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Everyone was impressed. Recipients said gift looked lovely but had not yet opened it.
Virginia Mathis Posted on 9/16/2019
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Amazing service. Both me and the recipient were surprised. This was my first time using amerigiftbaskets and I was very impressed with the excellent service and timeliness of delivery. I will use your services in the future.
Thank you.
Sally Logan Posted on 9/16/2019
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The recipients were very pleased. I will continue to purchase products from Amerigiftbaskets for special occasions since everyone who has received one from me is very impressed with their quality!!
Debra Posted on 9/13/2019
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Delivery was prompt and on time. The recipient of this basket was thrilled and said how beautiful and delicious it was. Enjoyed!!
Kristopher Posted on 9/13/2019
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First time ordering from Amerigiftbaskets and I will continue! The selection of items and fruit was a nice variety. Very impressive!
TioWeb Posted on 9/11/2019
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What a great way to surprise your loved ones! I would definitely recommend you and will do business with them again!
Terri Posted on 9/10/2019
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Thank you so much. I will definitely be using this service again. Great presentation and quick delivery time.
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