Sometimes you want to show your boss you appreciate them, or thank your boss for an act of kindness - or maybe you just want to get in on their good side to get next Friday off. Whatever the reason, our assortment of boss gift baskets will warm their hearts.

Our ample range offers an array of options - if you know your boss well, order a gift basket for your boss themed around their hobbies. We have baskets suited to golfers, coffee or tea lovers, bakery regulars, and more, so no matter what kind of boss you have we'll have just the thing – and also free shipping!

If you are unfamiliar with them on a personal level food and drink are always popular choices with everyone. A fine wine or champagne basket is also an elegant present. Though if you prefer to buy a functional gift basket for your boss, we have elegant pen sets, too!

The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.
Charles Dudley Warner

Last rated products

Brooke Posted on 12/12/2018
5 of 5
Everything arrived fresh and pretty. The family enjoyed all the items. As always a great product by amerigiftbaskets.
Bobby Posted on 12/10/2018
5 of 5
Pleasing all around! Recipient loved the gift and i was happy that it was delivered timely.
Couldn't have been better.
Priscilla Posted on 12/07/2018
5 of 5
It was perfect and we loved it! Thank you for delicious food and wonderful service! We will definitely order again and again.
Francis Posted on 12/05/2018
4 of 5
I have been giving ameri gift baskets for many years. Always excellent quality, and much-appreciated by the recipients.
Dan Posted on 12/05/2018
4 of 5
My purchase was a gift and I received very positive feedback from the recipient. Arrived on-time in great condition.
Gabriel Moore Posted on 12/03/2018
4 of 5
Food was excellent and was consumed by the whole family. They were thrilled to get this gift! Lots of stuff for different tastes.
Shelly G Posted on 12/03/2018
5 of 5
I have never ordered one for myself, always my sister, brother and family. Everything was delicious! The godiva was the big hit!
Rita Posted on 12/03/2018
5 of 5
I was extremely pleased with the service and received "RAVE" reviews on the contents of the baskets.
Kerry Posted on 11/30/2018
5 of 5
Everyone happy. This was a surprise gift and my recipients let me know that it was WONDERFUL. Arrived promptly.
Wayne Colon Posted on 11/30/2018
4 of 5
No feedback was received... however, it is my presumption that the experience was favorable.
Sophia Brown Posted on 11/29/2018
5 of 5
All of my favorites were included in the gift basket! It was delicious! Loved it!
Geneva Posted on 11/28/2018
5 of 5
They seemed very impressed with the quality. I am very glad that I took the chance, and I will certainly order from amerigiftbaskets.
Rhonda Colon Posted on 11/23/2018
5 of 5
Excellent products in the Ghirardelli Gourmet VIP basket. We thoroughly enjoyed all the delicious foods.We will definitely reorder again soon.
Rolando Sims Posted on 11/23/2018
5 of 5
I was very happy with my purchases. As gifts, I always know that they will be of the highest quality and will arrive on time.
Lewis Posted on 11/21/2018
5 of 5
The gift was enjoyed by the whole family. Always top quality. Amazing goodies in an attractive basket.
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