Couples deserve a nice gift basket fit for two - for their wedding, anniversary, as a thank you, or for a holiday. Our line of couples' gift baskets will help you send just the thing for any couple, and you will also get free shipping as a nice bonus!

Regardless of the occasion or reason, we have the couples’ gift basket you are looking for. Send a unique gift for the couple that reflects who they are, or send a classic that everyone loves like a fine wine. Our vineyard gifts are memorable and romantic, and are the best way to begin an anniversary evening or Valentine's Day.

Chocolate is a fine option for couples, too. We offer this aphrodisiac in a range of brands, including artesian chocolates. These heavenly treats are sure to bring you both closer together, so order a couples gift basket online now for the best surprise ever!

Humor keeps us alive. Humor and food. Don't forget food. You can go a week without laughing.
Joss Whedon

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Lindsey Posted on 5/22/2023
5 of 5
Our client was pleased and impressed with this gift presentation. Would definitely order from amerigiftbaskets again.
Jessie Roberson Posted on 4/25/2023
5 of 5
WE generally purchase these every year for clients.
Very pleased with the quality. The service was good and on time.
Theresa Posted on 7/21/2022
4 of 5
Great job. Beautiful gift that was appreciated. It was delivered as promised.
QR Posted on 7/21/2022
5 of 5
Great presentation and my clientы loved as well. Delivery is on time or early.
Antoinette Posted on 7/08/2022
5 of 5
I was VERY IMPRESSED with the customer service I received, high quality goods and shipping.
Betsy Posted on 7/07/2022
5 of 5
Great present. This was sent as a gift and the recipient was very pleased with the gift. Will buy again.
Grady Posted on 6/23/2022
4 of 5
what a great basket, full of everything. excellent products and excellent packaging. I highly recommended this.
sabrinawhite Posted on 6/23/2022
5 of 5
always enjoyed. everything was perfect and the presentation was beautiful. cannot say enough good things about this company!!
Wanda Posted on 5/13/2022
5 of 5
The gift basket was beautiful, it arrived on time, and the products exceeded expectations.
Figueroa Posted on 5/11/2022
5 of 5
It was great! EXCELLENT COMPANY, used before and never have a problem.
Courtney Santos Posted on 5/06/2022
5 of 5
My family loved the basket! It's nicely packaged and was well received. Arrived on date requested.
Minnie Posted on 5/05/2022
5 of 5
The present was well received. Product was everything expected and delivered right on time!
Leroy Posted on 5/05/2022
5 of 5
The quality of the food was excellent! I will definitely be ordering from here more often.
Anne Mcbride Posted on 4/28/2022
4 of 5
Awesome!!! Exactly as described. A wonderful and delightful gift for all.
Orlando Tran Posted on 4/28/2022
5 of 5
Customer service was very helpful. Excellent products. I highly recommended this.
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