When it's time to say thank you how will you do it? How would you want gratitude shown to you? Give them the what you would want - an attractive basket full of gifts customized to suit their needs. Got someone with a sweet tooth, or someone who loves savories? No problem, we have you covered for both!

Thank you cards are nice but they get tossed aside right after being opened. Giving a gift basket lets them truly cherish you - just as you cherish them. Besides, wouldn't you prefer giving a bunch of tasty treats you know they love, but would not buy themselves, instead of a card with a message someone else wrote?

We have a huge selection of tasty morsels and have scoured the globe for the finest gifts available. Our quality gift baskets allow you to easily send a bottle of wine, package of chocolates, or a basket of gourmet baked goods, and say thank you in a way they won't soon forget!

For it is in giving that we receive.
St. Francis of Assisi

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Wallace Posted on 7/07/2021
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The recipient was quite pleased with what they received that they did not want to open it.
Cody Mason Posted on 7/07/2021
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The online ordering was easy and the delivery service was faster than expected. I will be ordering from you again!! Thank you so much!
Irvin Lawrence Posted on 7/07/2021
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The website was so user friendly. Good quality, my basket was free shipping, was very satisfied and pleased.
Roberta Posted on 7/06/2021
5 of 5
The package came when expected and in excellent condition. It was just like the picture. I will use this service again.
Jennifer Posted on 7/06/2021
5 of 5
Wonderful. My sister and her boyfriend loved it! Amazing basket.
Heidi Posted on 7/05/2021
4 of 5
The website was incredibly easy to navigate. I truly believe that the gift was a great value and it was very much appreciated by the recipient.
Ellen Posted on 7/05/2021
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The presentation for this gift is beautiful. Would highly recommend for any occasion. Very nice.
Sheila Posted on 7/05/2021
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So happy we found and purchased from amerigiftbaskets. Great. The basket was delivered on time without any damage to it.
Alice Posted on 7/01/2021
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Recipient was extremely pleased with this thoughtful gift. I love this company!
Patricia Posted on 6/30/2021
4 of 5
Customer service has been helpful and the quality is top notch. The website is easy to use, the variety is wonderful.
Tami Frank Posted on 6/30/2021
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The recipients of this gift totally enjoyed it. Your gifts always arrived on time. Great presentation.
Melanie Posted on 6/30/2021
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This gift was excellent. Customer was very pleased with all the goodies. I highly recommend this company.
Melissa Potter Posted on 6/29/2021
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Excellent job. Reasonably priced, promptly delivered and a guaranteed smile on everyone's face..
Eileen Elliott Posted on 6/29/2021
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It's my way of saying "Thank you!" There is no better way than with food and drink.

Customer service is great to work with.

Thank you!
Charlotte Posted on 6/28/2021
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Really happy. Awesome gift packaging. Was extremely pleased with every gift I have ordered and I will continue to purchase from Amerigiftbaskets.
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