Whereas some people tend to swear off alcoholic beverages, wine is in a league of its own because it can actually be a part of a healthy lifestyle. A wine gift is always an appropriate and classy choice and it is also one of those things that can become better with age.

Send happiness in a basket with our amazing wine gift baskets. When we picked our range of gift baskets we only chose the finest in gourmet treats and classic wines, many of which are rare or difficult to acquire boutique wines. You will find Chardonnay and Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz and various snacks including truffles, cheese and cookies to be served with wine!

Our plethora of options lets you turn any event into an extraordinary celebration. Your wine loving friend will appreciate the thoughtful gift and enjoy the delicious wine. Remember: the wine gift basket will serve to give many happy moments to the person that you want to surprise with a gift! Also, don’t forget that you are entitled to free shipping!

A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.
Seneca, Moral Essays, Volume III: de Beneficiis

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Priscilla Posted on 6/29/2023
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Everything went as planned and we were thrilled. Beautiful presentation delicious contents...simply perfect!
Forrest Posted on 6/29/2023
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Thank you for providing such an excellent choice. Keep up the good work.
Mindy Posted on 6/22/2023
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There are not enough words to explain how grateful we are to have discovered amerigiftbaskets. The quality of the products and the unusual and beautiful baskets containing the gifts, have not been duplicated by any other company.
Lindsey Posted on 5/22/2023
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Our client was pleased and impressed with this gift presentation. Would definitely order from amerigiftbaskets again.
Holly Marshall Posted on 5/03/2023
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Never got to see the product but the recipient really enjoyed the products. Quick service!
Excellent experience!
Lisa Posted on 7/21/2022
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Good gift. This was an exceptional gift. Everything went as planned and we were thrilled.
Theresa Posted on 7/21/2022
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Great job. Beautiful gift that was appreciated. It was delivered as promised.
Antoinette Posted on 7/08/2022
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I was VERY IMPRESSED with the customer service I received, high quality goods and shipping.
Susie Posted on 7/07/2022
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Beautiful gift. All were attractive and nicely packed. Good quality.
Betsy Posted on 7/07/2022
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Great present. This was sent as a gift and the recipient was very pleased with the gift. Will buy again.
Angie Posted on 6/23/2022
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I have sent several different gifts from this company and I am happy to inform you it is always beautifully packaged delicious and the staff is wonderful.
Grady Posted on 6/23/2022
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what a great basket, full of everything. excellent products and excellent packaging. I highly recommended this.
Courtney Santos Posted on 5/06/2022
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My family loved the basket! It's nicely packaged and was well received. Arrived on date requested.
Erica Campbell Posted on 5/06/2022
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I am so happy for the great idea to share with family. Good gift, wonderful service.
Jo Da Posted on 5/05/2022
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Shipped fast, the couple loved it, they were thrilled and surprised. Well packed, excellent wine.
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